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" Love is blind , but friendship closes its eyes . " I do not want a friend , Who smiles when I smile , Who weeps when I weep , For my shadow in the pool , Can do better than that . " You can hardly make a friend in a year , but you can easily offend one in an hour . " " You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you . " ! Hazim AiMan !
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aDD saiE kEyh ?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Huh ? 0ff agy ?

Ape aQ nk wad Skunk ny ?
Aq trlalu WnduKnnye .. !
Adekaahh Dhiaa da Lupekn aQ ?

ArgH ! Aq xLeyh ! Aq xLeyh !

Aq xLeyh tggl kn Dhiaa !!
Dhiaa da buad aQ Syang Dhiaa !!
Aq xTau nk wt pee ?
Skunk ny , Aq p0n ... xDpat c0ntact Dhiaa lgy .. 
Ntah Dhiaa shat kee Tk ntaa .. Aq tk0wt ..
Lau Ade Ssuatu Jdy2 pe , pe kad Dhiaa ! 

Lau Dhiaa da Tk syang aq lgy .. Tkpe .. Aq 3me .. D'=
Tpy , Jgn buad aQ gile Byang Cmny . D=
Lau da Tk syang aQ .. ):
Ptut Nyee , Kte aa .. )':
Jgan aa Syap cmny ..

Where are U Dalim ? <3

I Miss U much ..
Waching Everday That's g0 by ..
C0z , U're The Apple 0f My Eye !

I miss U A** !
Where are U .. ? !
I'm Really , Really Sad ! C0z U !
I d0nn0w What can I d0o ? !

Adkh Cinte Jrak Ja0h Ny .. Hnye Smpai Di siny ? ? D'=
Aq Ase .. Aq Da serik Ngan Cinte Jrak Ja0h ny .. !
Aq Da Serik !!
Aq da Tk cye ag , 0rg yg aQ Tk Penah knl !!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ahahaxx ! Ayaxx xAu Bndaaa !

4 luv Dis True !
I CheriSh eVery moment I have with U ..
When you're near I can't help but smile xD
U are my reason for survival =D
If I ever lost U I'd cry a river D'=
Just the thought of it makes me quiver ...
When we are alone together D=
I wish I could stop the time and live in that moment forever =D
A thousand words could not express the feelings I have inside for U ..
Please say U feel it too ... =D

eVery second of my life i love u , evry moment of my life i miz u , my life is 2 live n love , so i only hve 1 question 2 ask u , do u love me too ? :) 

Ingin ku sentuh hatimu sayang dalam rinduku =D
Moga kau tahu hebatnya cinta di hati ini xD
Sekian lama, memendam cinta ..
Payah ku rasa menyeksa jiwa . !!

 biar apa pun haLangan nya...hnya ajaL saja yg dpt memisahkan kita 

Saia syg sgt kt awk .. 
Wal0p0n kite da berpisah .. 
Tpy , saia ttap xBoley lupekan awk .. 
Tpy.. ble saia da lupekan awk .. 
Awk dtg cri saya .. 
Dan Fell syg itu kembali dgn sendiri .. 
Saia nk sgt ckp kt awk .. 
Saia nak kita kembali bersama..

Ble sy ON9...
1st yg akn sy tgok ialah NOTIFICATIONS ..
BUKAN dri owg laen , 
Tpy , sy nk dri AWAK ~~
Then , sy akn tgok rkn yg on9 ....
BUKAN nk tgok owg len , Tpy , sy nk tau ad ke x AWAK ~~
AWAK slalu xde ...
Sy jd SEDIH ~~
AWAK c'hat?? 
AWAK wat pe??
Dah lme xgadoh ngan AWAK ~ xD
Di cnie sy kenali AWAK , Dan d'cnie jgak m'buatkan sy mncri AWAK~~
1 yg sy nak ktakan kt AWAK..

~SY selalu merindui AWAK~

Sy ade gunting ...
Gunting tu sy gne unt0k mggunting xD
Prnh jgak trluke sbb gunting tu ..
Tpy x kesa ... 
Tk skit p0m ....
Sy ade awk , sy syg awk ...
Prnh jgak trluke sbb awk ...
Tpy x kesa ...
Sy msih syg awk ...
Gunting tu da brkrat ...
Tpy sy tk buang ...
Knpe .. ??? 
Syg ... Cam awk jgak ... 
Tpy awk x brkrat ...
s0 x ade sbb sy nk buang awk...
Sy nk simpan awk sme cam gunting tu .. 
Gunting 2 sye simpan dlm laci..
Tpy ,,, awk sye simpan dlm hati......

cnta jrak ja0h ? 
Leyh caye ke x ??
Lagi2 yg xPenah jumpe langs0ng ??? ;P

Huh ? Gilaxx laa Aq , lau cmNiee !

Asl 0ff f0n lak ? 
Wndu Dhiaa Ny !!!
Grr ! x(
Gram nyeee !!

Ape aq Nk wt ? ? ?
2 Ary , aq Tangg0ng Wndu aq ny .. Sadd gilee .. !
Aq Call sne siny . 
R0nda sne siny . Da laa , f0n aq Mma ambek ..
s0 , Kne laa ... Gne Publicc .. Pstu Kne r0nda2 Crik Public ..
Humm ..

Tgh 2guu smpai talian ....... 
THIS IS THE VOICE MAIL B0X F0R THE NUMBER _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .. !! 
aRGH ! 
Gram aa !!
Da aa b0eink . Atu . YE 0ff l0p .. 
Argh ! Pedap Aq !!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ArgH ! Maulidur Rasul .. Luv itt ~

Maulud ? 
Maulud tu ape erk ?
xTau mks0d aa ..
Hee ~ =D

Ainy Berarak Maulidur Rasul .. <3 Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.
Hmm .. Berarak tu penat kee ?
Pelik .....
Mlaz asenye nk Berarak Ainy ..
xDe m0od !
Hee ~

Mlaz nk pegy sk0laa aa . 
Tpy , Mma yg memekik . xDe keje len kee ?
Slaen Memekik ?

Hmm .. 
Tpy , kne g ugak sk0la ainy .
Es0k CUTI !!!
Bru x sk0la .
Haha !
Sume 0rg ta0 es0k x sk0la ..
Pelik bt0l laa aq nyh . 
Hee ~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hmm .. Gilaxx !!

Nseb bek mlm tdy Mma ta pgang HP dye ..
Aq p0m , Tibai je laa .. xDe Kejea niy . 

Lpaz Jgak Wndu aq kt Dhiaa !! 
Hehe =D
Aq antaa je Msg nim . 
" Heiy ~ Ny aNys nimm . Wndu aa ? "

Pstu , Dhiaa p0m Blaz ...
" Hehe . Sy Wndu awk jgak .. 6t , sy call awk neh ? "
Dhiaa ktee cmtuu ..
Pstu , Dhiaa p0n Call ..
Lpaz Dnga s0re Dhiaa .. !
Bru Ilg Fell Wndu aq nym .. Hurr !!! xD

It Suck t0o me ! It Suck t0o me !

I d0n't UNDERSTAND that call LOVE . !
C0zz . , I pernah Trkne Pnyakit Br0ken Heartt ! 
Really , Really Suck , ryte ?
C0zz . , ! Itt Suck t0o Me ! Itt Suck t0o Me !
I d0nn0w Watca Can I d0o . !

Hmm .. xAbes agy ?

Hurr !
xD0p kejea laen keaa ??
I b0eink niyh !
I ta taw na wt pee .. 
Hmm .. D:

0mew0rk p0m d0esn't c0mplete agy . Huhu D=
Gile ! Cmne es0k err ? Aq nk wt gne ? Hurr !!!

Crazy 0mew0rk Gile Bnyak !

! lOve sTory !

Boy: Hey, hun!
Girl: Hey.
Boy: I missed you at school today. Why weren't you there?
Girl: Yeah, I had to go to the doctor.
Boy: Oh really? Why?
Girl: Oh, nothing. Just some annual shots, that's all.
Boy: Oh.
Girl: So what did you guys do in Math today?
Boy: You didn't miss anything that great, just a lot of notes.
Girl: Okay, good.
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Hey, I have a question to ask.
Boy: Okay, ask away.
Girl: How much do you love me?
Boy: You know I love you more than anything in this world.
Girl: Yeah.
Boy: Why did you ask?
Girl: *silence*
Boy: Is something wrong?
Girl: No. Nothing at all. Um. How much do you care about me?
Boy: I would give you the world in a heartbeat if I could.
Girl: You would?
Boy: Yeah of course I would. *sounding worried* Is there something wrong?
Girl: No, everything's fine.
Boy: Are you sure?
Girl: Yeah.
Boy: Okay. I hope so.
Girl: Would you die for me?
Boy: I would take a bullet for you any day, hun.
Girl: Really?
Boy: Any day. Now, seriously, is there something wrong?
Girl: No, I'm fine. You're fine. We're fine. Everyone and everything is fine.
Boy: Okay.
Girl: Well, I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow at school.
Boy: Alright, bye. I love you!
Girl: Yeah. I love you too. Bye.
Boy: Hey, have you seen my girlfriend today?
Friend: No.
Boy: Oh.
Friend: She wasn't here yesterday, either.
Boy: I know. She was acting all weird on the phone last night.
Friend: Well, dude, you know how girls are sometimes.
Boy: Yeah, but not her.
Friend: I don't know what else to say, man.
Boy: Okay, well I gotta get to English. I'll see ya after school.
Friend: Yeah I gotta get to Science. Later.
Girl: Hello?
Boy: Hey.
Girl: Oh, hey.
Boy: Why weren't you at school today?
Girl: Uh, I had another appointment with the doctor.
Boy: Are you sick?
Girl: Um, I have to go. My mom’s calling on the other line.
Boy: I’ll wait.
Girl: It may take a while. I’ll call you later.
Boy: Alright. I love you.
-very long pause-
Girl: *with a tears in her eyes* Look, I think we should break up.
Boy: What?!
Girl: It’s the best thing for us right now.
Boy: Why?
Girl: I love you.
Boy: Hey dude.
Friend: Hey.
Boy: What’s up?
Friend: Nothing. Hey, have you talked to your ex lately?
Boy: No.
Friend: So you didn’t hear?
Boy: Hear what?
Friend: Um, I don’t know if I should be the one to tell you…
Boy: Dude, just tell me!
Friend: Uh. Call this number, 433-555-3468.
Boy: Okay, thanks!
Voice: Hello, Suppam County Hospital. This is Nurse Victoria.
Boy: Uh, I must have the wrong number. I’m looking for my friend.
Voice: What is their name, sir?
*boy gives info*
Voice: Yes, this is the right number. She’s one of our patients here.
Boy: Really? Why? What happened? How is she?
Voice: Her room number is 646 in building A, suite 3.
Voice: Please come by, sir, and you can see her. Goodbye.
Boy: WAIT! NO!
Boy: Oh my God, are you okay?
Girl: *silence*
Boy: Dear, talk to me!
Girl: I..
Boy: You what?
Girl: I have cancer and I’m on life support.
Boy: *breaks into tears*
Girl: They're taking me off tonight.
Boy: Why?
Girl: I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t .
Boy: Why didn’t you tell me?
Girl: I didn’t want to hurt you.
Boy: You could never hurt me.
Girl: I just wanted to see if you felt about me the same as I felt about you.
Boy: Huh?
Girl: I love you more than anything. I would give you the world in a heartbeat. I would die for you and take a bullet for you.
Boy: *crying*
Girl: Don’t be sad. I love you and I’ll always be there with you.
Boy: Then why did you break up with me?
Nurse: Young man, visiting hours are over.
The boy leaves and later that night the girl is taken off of life support and dies, but what the boy didn’t know is that the girl only asked him those questions so she could hear him say it one last time. She only broke up with him because she knew she only had 3 more weeks left to live and thought that it would cause him less pain and give him time to get over her before she died.
The boy is found dead with a gun in one hand and a note in the other.
“I told her that I would take a bullet for her, just like she said she would die for me.”

Grrr !!

Geram aq !! Dx
Aq nk HP aq Blek !!!
Aq nk !! D':
Aq nk HP aq !
Y Mma Amek ? Angah nk !!
Angah nk !! 
Aq Wndu Dhiaa !!
Aq xTau nk wt pe ? ! Aq Buntu !! Buntu !!
Skunk ny , aq p0m xTau nk wt pee ..
Hmm .. D=
I'll try itt ! I want it !