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" Love is blind , but friendship closes its eyes . " I do not want a friend , Who smiles when I smile , Who weeps when I weep , For my shadow in the pool , Can do better than that . " You can hardly make a friend in a year , but you can easily offend one in an hour . " " You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you . " ! Hazim AiMan !
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aDD saiE kEyh ?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ahahaxx ! Ayaxx xAu Bndaaa !

4 luv Dis True !
I CheriSh eVery moment I have with U ..
When you're near I can't help but smile xD
U are my reason for survival =D
If I ever lost U I'd cry a river D'=
Just the thought of it makes me quiver ...
When we are alone together D=
I wish I could stop the time and live in that moment forever =D
A thousand words could not express the feelings I have inside for U ..
Please say U feel it too ... =D

eVery second of my life i love u , evry moment of my life i miz u , my life is 2 live n love , so i only hve 1 question 2 ask u , do u love me too ? :) 

Ingin ku sentuh hatimu sayang dalam rinduku =D
Moga kau tahu hebatnya cinta di hati ini xD
Sekian lama, memendam cinta ..
Payah ku rasa menyeksa jiwa . !!

 biar apa pun haLangan nya...hnya ajaL saja yg dpt memisahkan kita 

Saia syg sgt kt awk .. 
Wal0p0n kite da berpisah .. 
Tpy , saia ttap xBoley lupekan awk .. 
Tpy.. ble saia da lupekan awk .. 
Awk dtg cri saya .. 
Dan Fell syg itu kembali dgn sendiri .. 
Saia nk sgt ckp kt awk .. 
Saia nak kita kembali bersama..

Ble sy ON9...
1st yg akn sy tgok ialah NOTIFICATIONS ..
BUKAN dri owg laen , 
Tpy , sy nk dri AWAK ~~
Then , sy akn tgok rkn yg on9 ....
BUKAN nk tgok owg len , Tpy , sy nk tau ad ke x AWAK ~~
AWAK slalu xde ...
Sy jd SEDIH ~~
AWAK c'hat?? 
AWAK wat pe??
Dah lme xgadoh ngan AWAK ~ xD
Di cnie sy kenali AWAK , Dan d'cnie jgak m'buatkan sy mncri AWAK~~
1 yg sy nak ktakan kt AWAK..

~SY selalu merindui AWAK~

Sy ade gunting ...
Gunting tu sy gne unt0k mggunting xD
Prnh jgak trluke sbb gunting tu ..
Tpy x kesa ... 
Tk skit p0m ....
Sy ade awk , sy syg awk ...
Prnh jgak trluke sbb awk ...
Tpy x kesa ...
Sy msih syg awk ...
Gunting tu da brkrat ...
Tpy sy tk buang ...
Knpe .. ??? 
Syg ... Cam awk jgak ... 
Tpy awk x brkrat ...
s0 x ade sbb sy nk buang awk...
Sy nk simpan awk sme cam gunting tu .. 
Gunting 2 sye simpan dlm laci..
Tpy ,,, awk sye simpan dlm hati......

cnta jrak ja0h ? 
Leyh caye ke x ??
Lagi2 yg xPenah jumpe langs0ng ??? ;P